Tips for writing a paper/research

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How to start a new Project


Questions to answer before starting new research

Background and assumptions.

  • How was it done previously?
  • What was the previous progress?
  • What are the assumptions?


  • What are the challenges we are facing now?
  • Why do you see it as a challenge?
  • What is the hypothesis for the challenge?


  • How are you trying to solve it?
  • Why are you using the method you are using?
  • What implications does it have?


  • What can we say from the results?
  • Why can you say that?
  • What are we going to do next?

How to write an abstract


Questions to fill:

  1. Motivation
    1. Why is this research/paper important?
    2. What is the primary reason for conducting this research?
  2. Problem Statement
    1. What problem(s) is being addressed here?
    2. What small part of the larger problem will be discussed?
  3. Research Approach or Methodology
    1. How did the research unfold?
    2. What model, analysis, variables, etc., were used?
  4. Results
    1. Discuss the results that were obtained.
    2. Were the results statistically significant, important, or no difference shown?
  5. Conclusions
    1. What are the implications of the study?
    2. Are the results generalizable to the larger problem or limited to a specific case?